Our Company
PJSC "Kharkоvskiy kombikormoviy zavod " - is a company that specializes in purchasing, exporting and distribution of grain crops in Ukraine.

​This organization now is a complete cycle of production, from inspection of purchased products before delivery to the final destination. All production facilities are concentrated in Kharkiv. It gives logistics advantages. ​With access to the car mean delivery large range of product could be easily received and delivered .

Main activities of the company include:
  • the purchase;
  • storage;
  • grain processing and modification (drying, cleaning, etc.) with further selling;
  • production of herbal pellets and biofuels (fuel pellets);
  • production and sales of granulated and placer feed;
The leading experts of the company improve the technology and receipt of feed gradually introducing them to life.
Due to a strict quality control of the products which is provided at each stage of production (from purchasing of cerealsto further processing and selling of products) and professionalism of the staff our costumers are always satisfied with the products, services, quality and price.
For PJSC KKZ the formation of positive reputation in the eyes of a business partner for a long and mutually beneficial trade relations is important .

During the first 9 months of this year Ukraine exported agricultural products of 10.4 billion dollars. As the deputy director of the National Science Center Nikolay Pugachov said:"It is 16.1% less than it was in the same period of 2014, when native farmers took to the world markets the production of 12.4 billion.​
До уваги мешканців будинків № 246, 246/1, 246/3, 238/4 по вул. Велика Панасівська та будинку № 71 по вул. Сочинська у м. Харкові.
На сьогодняшній день, ми з гордістю представляємо до Вашої уваги, розробку, головного інженера ПРАТ "ХКЗ", Мезенцева В.О. - " Решето для очистки ззернового вороху з отворами у вигляді овалу Кассіні ".
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