Among the different products of "KKZ" we should single out the lucerne pellets.
It is auniversal and suitable feed for many farming animals. This plant is quite popular all over the world as fodder for horses, cattle , goats, sheep , poultry and rabbits. Lucerne is rich of easily digestible protein and fiber, which makes the diet more varied . You can characterize this plant as a fodder plant with high nutritional value, as well as a good indicator of productivity . Usually it keeps as hay or grass meal.It is also an irreplaceable source of fiber for rabbits. Birds are fed with it because of considerable carotenoid content which contributes to the coloring of egg yolks . For goats and cows lucerne in the diet means higher milk production and a higher protein content in the milk. Due to a considerable number of minerals, vitamins and beta - carotene, the plant has a positive effect on general health and metabolism of animals and birds. The lucerne diet can be combined with grass haylage or even replace it. It is ideal food for cows and can be used as the main menu for rabbits and ostriches. In addition to the green pellets, the plant produces fuel pellets. Those pellets are made of waste products which are shredded into flour and are pressed at press granulator (without using lacquer or adhesive substance.) For the starting material wood waste (sawdust, shavings, chips, etc.) or agricultural (sunflower husks, straw, manure, etc.) can be used.As usual pellets for sale are packed into big bags. But they also could be packed into sacks or in bulk. If you already have several tons of your own raw materials the company could provide you tolling services for the production of fuel pellets.To produce 1 ton of pellets we need 2.6 m³ of raw materials. Fuel pellets are safe and environmentally friendly product at an affordable price. It is the fuel of the future with high energy output, which is now available for purchase at the factory. It is quite easy to store and transport pellets. "KKZ" offers pellets (feed or fuel) which are made with all required standards.
Customer can choose any packing:
  • Big bags
  • Sacks
  • In bulk
You can use any way of loading including railway transport.