About Company
The main focus in the production of PJSC "KKZ" is on environmental friendliness of its products, the quality corresponds not only to Ukrainian, but also to foreign requirements. The primary specialization of the company - is the purchase, improvement and sale of crops and production of mixed fodders, herbal granules and pellets.
For this kind of work, the company has whatever is required:
  • Silos for grain storage with 35 thousand tons capacity.
  • Warehouse for powdery raw materials with 10 thousand tons capacity.
  • Grain refinement workshop for the removal of moisture and litter up to 1,500 ton-percent a day;
  • Production of mixed fodders, with the capacity 50 tons/day, which includes:
    • Silo type storage tanks for raw materials (volume 3000 tons);
    • finished product storage (volume 1500 tons);
    • outdoor warehouse for packing and storage of finished products with a total area of 800 m2;
    • 2 equipped shipment nodes for railway and motor transport.
  • The workshop is equipped with four _ granulators (model B6DGV) of 3,000 tons per month total performance.
  • Own railway branch, the total length of 2,4km, including:
    • 6 specialized nodes to shipping and receiving different types of rail cars;
    • carload strain scales, with the carrying capacity of 150 tons;
    • 2 locomotives (model TGM23V), with engine power 294 kW (400 hp).
  • 6 specialized nodes with the possibility of simultaneous acceptance and shipment of road transport.
  • Electronic strain truck scales with a maximum load of 60 tons and 18m long platforms.
  • Animal feed store
  • Certified production and process laboratory;
The company is always open to new ideas and ready to long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers and with customers.