Additional services
Additional services
In addition to the purchase of feed ( placer, grain , grains), cereals, green and fuel pellets you can also use the following additional services at the factory:
1. Weighing with rail or truck scales
There are two types of scales: rail or truck scales, for convenience of loading and offloading the raw materials and ready products on the plant territory. Each customer can optionally order the weighting procedure of transport, to know the exact weight of the products. Thanks to this service the customer can save a considerable amount of time and fuel and carry out the control of wheel and axle load of transport. The procedure takes a few minutes. As a result, the customer gets the weighing act.
2. Shunting services
All movements of the rolling stock (with the load or without it) within the stations which are connected with loading and offloading(the movement of carriages on the territory of the plant).
3.Repacking of all crops and raw materials​
The plant receives the product for further repacking from one mean of transport to another in the amount of 200 tons per day (from trucks into carriages). It often occurs in conjunction with shunting. The warehouse is equipped with all the necessary technical means, which allow repacking of any crops. Thanks to the access of railway and automobile ways, the plant can process products of any complexity.
4. Realization of rubble and stone dust​
On the "KKZ" you can purchase rubble and stone dust in small amounts (in the shop of the plant) or there is also a possibility of large orders with further shipping on the territory of the plant. The production is delivered directly to the plant due to the beneficial rail links. It provides quick and comfortable loading.