Mixed fodder production
Mixed fodder production
As it was mentioned earlier, " KKZ " is one of the first factories for the production of mixed fodder in Ukraine.
More than 75 years it produces feed for cattle, pigs, poultry, fish and other farming animals. The producing technology is constantly improving.
Quantity of production is growing and now it`s almost 50 tons per day. During such a long time our plant has managed to establish contact with large cattle-breeding and poultry enterprises of the Kharkiv region.
Our company provides such services as production of mixed fodder on a give-and-take basis.
Client gives raw materials and the plant processes them using customer`s receipt into product with further transportation to the customer .
Receipt of mixed fodder is constantly improving by the production and technical laboratory and cattle-breeding experts. Our products are always conform with State Standards of Ukraine. Health and ecological compatibility comes first! Our own laboratory tests all products.
Why you should give preference to mixed fodder:
  • it`s one of the most organic and nutritious feeds;
  • it provides complete and balanced nutrition for the birds and farm animals;
  • there is a wide range of mixed fodder: granulated, groats and placer;
  • the final product is quality controlled in our own laboratory;
Popularity of mixed fodder among farmers can be explained by quick increase of production .
In order to keep the birds and animals grow up healthy and strong should be to constantly provided with a balanced diet. The animal feed includes grains, grass , protein- vitamin supplements and mineral mixtures. In the future, it will positively affect the quality of farm products .
All kinds of feed of our plant can be purchased at the shop , which is located at the plant .
In addition, the company can always be ordered the production of mixed fodder on a give-and-take basis.